Betty contact
  A Father's Revenge
Part drama, part comedy. Betty presents us with a lovely Steve story.

Rated: PG
  A Nice Quiet Weekend
Steve and Marks vacation has disastrous results
Rated: PG
  A short Diagnosis Murder Parody
A Parody of Betty Bashing Steve Take off from Murder At The Finish Line.

Rated: PG
  Another Chance at Love
This story picks up two years after one of my first stories To Ellen with Love

Rated: PG
  Blind Mirage
Ever wondered what happened to Steve after Mark talked to him about Sudie working for the Flemings? Here's your answer.

Rated: PG
  Broken Promise
A sequel to  Delusions Of Murder written by Betty

Rated: PG
  By Reason Of Insanity (Two alternate versions)
We all enjoyed the episode 'By Reason Of Insanity' in which Mark and Steve try to help a schizophrenic ex-medstudent. This is Betty's take on the story.

Rated: PG
  Death In The Family
A story about Carol Sloan's death.

Rated: PG-13
  Dr. Mark Sloans Nightmare
We all enjoyed the episode 'By Reason Of Insanity' in which Mark and Steve try to help a schizophrenic ex-medstudent. This is Betty's take on the story.
Rated: PG
  Forgotten Memories
Another hurt/comfort story by Betty.

Rated: PG-13
  Hawaii Bash 'em Style
An undercover job brings Steve to Hawaii and it leads us to the following story.
Rated: PG
  Incident at the Airport
Steve is injured at the airport.

Rated: PG
  Last Chance
Steve is taken hostage.
  -  Spoiler: Hot House
Rated: PG
  Lt. Sloan and Mr. Hyde
Mark gives Steve a birthday present that ends up backfiring.

Rated: PG
  Mark's Birthday Party
Steve is injured on Marks birthday.

Rated: PG
  Marks TV Appearance Disaster
A two part H/C story.
Rated: PG
  Revenge Of John Martin
This story follows Marks TV Appearance Disaster
Rated: PG
  Steve's First Birthday After Carol's Death
Almost a year after the events of Town Without Pity Steve has to deal with Carol being killed on his birthday. But as usual Mark is around to support him.

Rated: PG-13
  The Call For Help
It was late at night and Mark was just getting ready to go to bed. He was all alone in the beach house. His son Steve had taken off for a few days to be by himself after a difficult case.
Rated: PG
  The Family Without Pity
This is part one of a two-part story. It continues in State Without Pity.
Rated: PG
  The Forgotten Past
Steve disappears.
Rated: PG
  ... State Without Pity
This is part two of the two-parter 'The Family Without Pity'
Rated: PG
  The Enemy Without
Part one of a daydream DM adventure...
Rated: PG
  The Enemy Without - Part 2
The daydream continues.
Rated: PG
  The Homecoming
Mark and Steve plan a week off and intend to head off to the cabin ... together?
Rated: PG
  The Unnecessary Trip
Mark rushes off to Massachusetts General Hospital where Steve remains in a deep coma.
Rated: PG
  The Unwilling Partner
When Mark treats Steve's flu-like symptoms he ends up with more than he bargained for...
Rated: PG
  To Ellen With Love
Steve and Ellen have been married for 10 years. Ten years that have been filled with joys and sorrows as in most marriages. And the story continues...

Rated: PG-13
  To Live A Dream
Another H/C story by Betty.

Rated: PG-13
EDuse2 contact
  A Little Routine Police Work
Steve wakes up to find that his father has once again solved a case - problem is, Steve thinks he's wrong. Worse, he can't remember why.

Rated: PG for mild violence and language
A story based on a 'word-challenge' with such topics as stairs, rotting wood and 2x4.
Rated: PG
  Mexican Standoff
A routine lead for Steve and Cheryl takes an unroutine twist.

Rated: PG 13 for violence, a disturbing situation and language
  Net Work
This is a response to a writing challenge. We were given three columns of words and had to choose one word from each column and write a story around it. My words were spear gun, volley ball net and pesticides.
I cheated a little on the pesticides.
 Rated: G
Elle   contact
    Bad Blood
A Short Story (Re-written 2003)

Rated: PG-13


Mind Games
A dramatic angst story about Steve coping with an old enemy.
Rated PG-15
  Mind Games 2
Part 2 of the dramatic angst story Mind Games.
Rated PG-15
Another great story by Elle.
Rated PG-13


Steve gets a protective custody case as a new assignment... and a little more than he bargained for.
Rated: PG


Silent Enemy
This story is written in response to Bettys challenge No. 202 which is featured on Sam Singing Wolfs DM Challenge Page.

Rated: PG
  Settling Old Scores
The sequel to Silent Enemy

Rated: PG-15 --
Authors Warning: This story deals with the issue of drug addiction and the ramifications arising there from.   If you are uncomfortable about such a subject, please do not read this story.
  The Pariah
"I wrote this story in response to Betty's Challenge No. 184"
Rated PG-13
  The Quarrel
This story is written in response to Bettys challenge No. 216 which is featured on Sam Singing Wolfs DM Challenge Page.

Rated: PG-13

The Ordeal
When a  building collapses on top of him, Steve has no clue that he will be facing more than just getting out from under the rubble.

Rated: PG-13


Trouble In Mind
When Steve keeps suffering from terrible headaches a harsh diagnosis follows.

Rated: G
  (A) Victim Of Circumstance
The sequel to "The Pariah"
Rated PG-13

World Of Silence
A Christmas story!
Rated PG-13
Emma   contact


Fights, Flowers And Feelings
A romantic story about Steve coping with events after becoming a widower.
Rated PG for sexual innuendo, mild violence.
Fallen contact


As the anniversary of Carol's death approaches the Sloans deal with their own grief and manage to help others.

Rated: G


The Right To Remain Silent
One car accident leads to another, keeping our friends busy trying to solve the case and anxious to stay alive.

Rated: G
  Things Happen For A Reason
When Jesse's car breaks down our friends get caught up in another adventure that they won't forget lightly.

Rated: G
  Griddy   contact
    A Strand Of Pearls
Steve meets an old friend and gets involved in solving some old mysteries.(Comedy)
Rated: G


Lost In A Masquerade  -     By Griddy
Steve's former rookie partner shows up as the new E.R. resident.  When Mark gets closer to his new student he realizes there is more going on. - Rated: PG 13
  Jaycee   contact

THE BOOK OF DAYS -  Entry 1 - Coming Home
Steve returns home from Viet Nam. Story is the first of a series of pivotal events in the lives of the Sloan family. - Rated: G
    Close To Home - An impromptu surprise leads to big trouble for Mark and Steve.  (Drama or Hurt/Comfort)
Rated: G


The Decoy
Steve goes on an undercover assignment for the FBI and things go very, very wrong. - Rated: Strong PG-13 for disturbing imagery. Nothing really graphic, just uncomfortable.


Double Jeopardy - Two dead doctors. A woman tried and acquitted for murder. Will Mark and Steve discover the real truth before someone else dies? Possibly someone very close?
Rated: PG
    Hero Complex - When a woman Steve dated is accused of murder, complications arise that could have deadly consequences.
Rated: PG
    The Supermarket - Steve and Jesse go shopping. Should Mark have known better? Something of a follow up story to "Close To Home". (Comedy)
Rated: G
Lisa contact

Beauty Can Be Deadly
And Steve will soon find out how deadly it really is...
Rated PG

Exorcising A Demon
In an effort to come to terms with everything that happened; Jesse and Steve make a return visit to the cabin in Alienated. 
Note! There
are Alienated spoilers in the story. 
Rated PG

The Greatest Gift
A Christmas story!!
Rated PG

Impossible Choices
"It was a typical October morning in Malibu.  The fog from the night before was still visible on the horizon and the air had a slight chill... "
Rated PG
It Only Hurts When I Laugh
A nice gathering at BBQ Bobs turns into a nightmare...

Rated:  PG 13 for violence

Mirror Image
Steve's search for a serial killer leads to more than he bargained for.

Rated:  PG 13 for violence and mild sexual innuendo
Mary K. contact
And the Fates Conspired Against Me - A day in the life of Steve Sloan (Comedy)
Rated: PG
Coming Home -     By Mary Kalnin

A five parter must-read epic - Enjoy!(Hurt/Comfort)
Rated: PG
For Ofelia - Steve is invited to a school to give a talk on unsafe driving and finds himself telling his personal history - (Drama)
Rated: G
Head Over Heels Mark falls in love with a women whose ex-fianc is still trying to kill her.
Rated PG for sexual innuendo, violence.
Operation Bloodworth A movie star with a stubborn streak witnesses a murder at a production studio, and Steve is assigned to protect her until the murderer is arrested. Unfortunately, a stalker adds to the intrigue.
Rating: PG, some violence, one or two instances of language.
Riot - Steve goes into a prison to get a statement about an old murder case and gets caught in a riot.
Rating: R for language and violence
Warning: Prison slang is coarse and prison riots are violent.
                   Reader's discretion advised.
Steve In Love... Again - Steve falls for a personal shopper in a high-end clothing store and she for him; however, will her past destroy a budding love? A little touch of saccharine.
Rated: PG-13 Sexual dialogue,  language.

What?  Who, Me? - The very first 'Murder 101' fanfic story.
Rated: PG

  Whoop-De-Doo - By Mary Kalnin
Another great 'Murder 101' fanfic story.

Rated: PG
Sharon N. Miott/

Steve Finds A New Love Interest - Steve meets a most unlikely love interest.  This meeting takes place a year after Ellen decided to break off their engagement after she meets a man who is able to get her the journalism position she has long sought after.  This is purely a love story, no mystery or murder to solve here. 
This is an Alternate Universe Diagnosis Murder Fanfic Story.

Updated March 2004
Rated: PG

Sue Kay contact
Holidays Can Be Murder - An accident on holiday turns out to be nothing of the kind and amnesia problems contribute to the case. (Hurt/Comfort)
Rated: PG
Love Conquers Murder - Events from the past conspire to upset the present, & threaten to change the lives of all involved, but love is more potent than hate in changing the future.  (Hurt/Comfort)
Rated: PG

You Sent For Me, Sir? - A lovely cross over between JAG and Diagnosis Murder.
Rated: PG



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